At SecoTherm, our coloured masonry paint, SecoFLEX, has been used extensively by exterior house painters throughout Europe since 1975; it is renowned for being a number one choice for exterior house painters. Whatever your requirements, whether you are working on domestic or industrial properties, SecoFLEX guarantees a professional finish which has many long lasting benefits.

Exterior House Painters

The Number One Choice for Exterior House Painters

Today, many home improvement shops now sell their own brands of masonry paint. The vast amount of choice available means that exterior house painters can sometimes feel stuck for choice – knowing which paint will benefit your customers and your business the most can be difficult! With over 30 years of experience in the industry however, at SecoTherm, we pride ourselves on supplying a high quality product which stands out in the market. Unlike other brands, our unique formula SecoFLEX is guaranteed to deliver high quality, long lasting results, in fact, we are so confident that we have given it a 20-year guarantee! Here at SecoTherm we pride ourselves on providing only the best product to exterior house painters. Below are some key reasons for why SecoFLEX is a number one choice for exterior house painters:

  • SecoFLEX is 100% waterproof meaning that properties are completely protected against penetrative damp and the elements.
  • SecoFLEX is 400% elastomeric meaning that it delivers an optimum wall protection system that will not peal, flake, crack or blister in hot or cold temperatures.
  • SecoFLEX is also breathable. With its unique microporous covering, SecoFLEX provides sufficient permeability to water vapour.
  • The formulas high film thickness also guarantees to bridge cracks and imperfections, guaranteeing a high quality coverage for exterior house painters.
  • SecoFLEX masonry paint also provides the same level of effectiveness in all climates, weather conditions and environments, industrial or urban. Whatever the project, SecoFLEX will deliver high quality results that exterior house painters can feel proud of.
  • Finally, whilst other brands show signs of ageing and damage, the formulas U.V. and alkali resistance and its protection against sodium means that the coating will not discolour, saving your customer’s money by reducing maintenance costs dramatically.

Choose SecoFLEX Today

SecoFLEX’ unique formula, durability and flexibility makes it stand out in a market that is now very competitive. So, if you are an exterior house painter and you too, wish to stand out for delivering a high quality service which will stand the test of both time and the elements, choose SecoFLEX today! Contact us directly for more information.