Why Choose SecoFLEX Coloured Exterior Wall Coatings?

  • SecoFLEX is a unique coloured masonry protective coating which is 400% Elastomeric – This means it will NOT peel or flake.
  • The formula is 100% waterproof, preventing the development of penetrating damp.
  • SecFLEX exterior wall coatings are microporous meaning treated properties are left with a fully breathable system.
  • The unique coloured coating features a high film thickness which bridges cracks and imperfections, creating a smooth finish.
  • Unlike other exterior wall coatings on the market, SecoFLEX has a U.V and Alkali resistance which ensures that the ¬†application wont discolour over time.
  • The coating is also protected against sodium and damaging salts from the coast and main roads.
  • Finally, SecoFLEX has a long life expectancy which reduces maintenance costs.



SecoFLEX Exterior Wall Coatings