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Long-lasting Exterior Wall Coatings in Birmingham

Are you a masonry painter in Birmingham? Are you searching for exterior wall coatings in Birmingham which are guaranteed to last? If the answer is yes, then look no further! At Secotherm, we have been supplying cutting edge exterior wall coatings to approved masonry painters throughout Europe since 1975 and we regularly supply our unique coloured exterior wall coating, SecoFLEX, to professional masonry painters in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

exterior wall coatings in birmingham

Why Choose SecoFLEX Exterior Wall Coatings in Birmingham?

  • SecoFLEX coloured exterior wall coatings are 100% waterproof meaning that the properties that you work on are completely protected against penetrative damp.
  • The unique formula is also 400% elastomeric. Put simply, with our exterior coatings in Birmingham you can deliver a smooth finish that will not peal, flake, crack or blister, no matter how hot or cold the temperature gets!
  • The formula also flawlessly bridges cracks and imperfections, even on uneven surfaces.
  • Finally, SecoFLEX is a leading choice for masonry painters in Birmingham and surrounding areas due to its long life expectancy, in fact, we are so confident in our product that we offer a 20 year guarantee! Whilst other exterior coatings in Birmingham show signs of ageing and damage over time, SecoFLEX has a unique U.V. and alkali resistance which ensures that the coating maintains its freshly applied look, reducing maintenance costs.

To find out more about the benefits of choosing SecoFLEX coloured exterior wall coatings in Birmingham, click here.

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At Secotherm, we pride ourselves on supplying high quality exterior wall coatings in Birmingham which guarantee to deliver a professional finish that will last for many, many years. The quality of SecoFLEX makes it stand out in a market which is now becoming increasingly competitive as many shops sell their own value brands. So, if you are a masonry painter in Birmingham and you wish to stand out for delivering a long-lasting professional service, choose SecoFLEX! To find out how you can become an approved applicatorcontact us directly.

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