secoflex exterior wall paint

SecoFLEX – 400% Elastomeric in any circumstance.

  • SecoFLEX is 400% elastic … this means permanent bridging of cracks and fissures.
  • SecoFLEX keeps it’s 400% elasticity in all temperatures even down to minus – 20 deg C
  • The permanent elasticity protects your walls optimally in all circumstances and prevents tears, flaking and blisters – a common problem with inferior paints and coatings

The unique SecoFLEX-formula gets the best out of different systems. In this way the combination of different binding agents ensure a homogenous product that repels water, is waterproof and permeable to water vapour.

The plasticising agents present do not give blisters, hairline cracks and distortions a chance.
Finally the sophisticated formula of pigments and fillers provide optimal protection against discolouration even in the darker shades.

The combination of these characteristics makes SecoFLEX the best option in waterproof wall paints.

In test laboratories…
Diverse test reports by recognised laboratories confirm the exceptional product characteristics of the SecoFLEX formulation.

..and in practice

Practice remains the best test. The unique SecoFLEX formulation has been used all over the world since 1975.
And this unique formulation proves the same effectiveness in all climates and weather conditions.
Hot or cold, dry or damp, rural, industrial or urban environment:

It makes no difference.